Thursday, June 12, 2008


Following the instructions on Tony Forster's blog (sharing with sugar) I downloaded the XO-LiveCD-080321.iso image, burnt an image CD and booted the latest OLPC software on my PC. Thanks Tony.

This partially solves the problem of the difficulty of educators in the developed world investigating the potential of the OLPC software and Sugar

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many different activities are now available, ranging from Paint, Write, Chat, music composition, multiple programming environments (Scratch is now on) and lots of games. I counted 41 different Activities.

I plan to take a couple of the Live CD's to school and see if we can setup Sugar collaboration there, as Tony has done on his home network (connecting a networked PC to his OLPC machine)


squidinkcalligraphy said...

I'd suggest trying the 'experimental' version from - it boots the 'stable' 708 by default, but you can easily choose joyride-2024 which is bleeding-edge stuff. Am currently trying to work out how best to deploy this in my IT lab :)

squidinkcalligraphy said...

Even better; I've run two instances of this as virtual machines, so as to be able to test the collaboration aspects... the liveCD makes this really easy as you don't need to configure any virtual disks. Hopefully they'll start releasing 'official' virtual appliances soon to streamline this further.

Bill Kerr said...

clickable link to the bleeding edge joyride version suggested by squidinkcalligraphy

thanks squid!