Saturday, June 28, 2008

how the Republicans will portray Obama

Christopher Hitchens on how the Republicans will portray Obama:
not as someone of mixed race but as a member of an effete, academic, snobbish elite - they will appeal to american populism
what Obama will have to live down:
his description of white working class america as rednecks, resentful, insecure, who cling to their gun licenses, a patronising attitude to the heartland (an attack already flagged by a Hillary Clinton advisor)


Anonymous said...

Interesting insight, and I think Hitchens is right. I think he was also right about McCain's lack of effectiveness in campaigning lately. He just doesn't seem to take the campaign seriously. He takes policy seriously (though he does "adjust" from time to time), and this has a tendency to bore voters. Obama is anything but boring. He is charismatic, and is a great actor. A lot of sizzle, but I doubt there's much steak.

Tom Hoffman said...

I'm sure that's the approach they'll take, because it is the only one they've got and they use the exact same one every four years.

Also, the idea that McCain takes policy seriously is laughable, outside of foreign policy. He has no interest in domestic policy and doesn't seem to understand the details of his own positions. He is a boring campaigner in large part because he's uninterested in most aspects of government policy.