Monday, June 02, 2008

the constructionist suitcase, at OLPC news

I wrote a longer, more detailed version of my earlier blogged notes about tidying up the constructionist suitcase, which has been published in olpc news. It is attracting some comments, too.

Thanks to gary, km and tony for thoughtful comments received to the draft I sent around prior to publication. As it turned out the new co-editor, Bryan Berry, was happy with the draft version and so it was published without modification. Probably best to keep discussing with the wider audience at OLPC news for now.

I'll add in the references here since they were chopped from the olpc news version:

Educational Software: Designed by Kids for Kids. Bill Kerr, 1994

Fractions: A Weeping Sore in Mathematics Education. Nerida Ellerton and Ken Clements

Genetic Epistemology. Jean Piaget. 1968

Papert's Ideas: Mainly from Mindstorms. Bill Kerr. 1991

Software Design as a Learning Environment, Idit Harel and Seymour Papert. MIT. January 1990

The Emotion Machine, Marvin Minsky. Simon & Schuster. 2006

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