Tuesday, November 29, 2022

free speech

Strange times: when the world's wealthiest person risks his fortune for free speech and the main stream media in combination with the pro censorship Tech Giants (Apple and co.) do everything they can to tear him down.

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Update (16/12/22): Our Reporting at Twitter by Bari Weiss
“I did it because I was worried about the future of civilization,” he told us late one night. 

As far as Musk sees things, “birth rates are plummeting, the thought police are gaining power, and even having an opinion is enough to be shunned. We are trending in a bad direction.”...

Musk promises that the future of Twitter will be a “level playing field” and that it will be “consistent and transparent.” He believes “the algorithm should be open-source, so people can critique it.” It sounds very good. 

But if the story of Old Twitter is about the biases and prejudices and power trips of the company’s former overlords, the question is what Musk will now do with the powerful tools they created? What does it mean when the owner of Twitter tweets that his pronouns are “Prosecute/Fauci”? 

Lots of people thought it was hilarious. Many others thought it was horrifying. It’s certainly not apolitical. Doesn’t that take us back to where we were before? ...

Much more seriously, Musk has business interests in China. Could he wind up suppressing information negative to China to please the CCP? Old Twitter was moderated by the morals and mores of one group. Now it is moderated by the morals and mores of one man. 

If I took anything away from my week at Twitter, it’s about power. It’s about how a handful of unelected people at a handful of private companies can influence public discourse profoundly.

They can do it because of how good the tools they made are—and how little the public understands them. They can influence the outcome of elections. And they do.