Thursday, June 26, 2008

why top down planning fails

Mr. Konrad Glogowski ... an awesome teacher, works with imagination to find ways to educate without a teacherly voice, he manages to inspire his students stretch themselves, at their zone of proximal development:
I learned that entering the community as a participant allowed me to have conversations with my students that they did not perceive as instructional. Yes, they were talking to Mr.Glogowski about their songs and their reasons for picking them, but it did not feel like school talk ...

… and, of course, the best thing about this was that there was no rubric or evaluation sheet
- Learning to Avoid "School Talk"
This is a little bit like what I have called, "eat your own dogfood" (Cairns ACEC paper, 2006) , not that I was the first to use that expression

Can this be duplicated at another School site, through an education plan or an assessment rubric? No, you need Mr. Konrad Glogowski and the million idiosyncratic threads that make up the way he does things.

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