Monday, June 08, 2009

netbooks and schools: an evolution

I am presenting on this topic at Computer Education Group of South Australia (CEGSA) in July

I have finished my slides and notes. If you want a copy then leave a comment or send me an email (billkerr at gmail dot com) and I'll organise something.

The presentation consists of a review of some modern technologies and attitudes towards technologies.

Technologies reviewed: smart phones, ebook readers, (educationally customised) handhelds, enhanced screen (Mary Lou Jepson), Cloud computing, OLPC and netbooks.

Attitudes reviewed: Just a tool, Them and us (damnation, salvation), Us as them (augmentation), The pencil metaphor (Seymour Papert), Misuse of computers (Larry Cuban), Disruptive innovation (Clayton Christensen), Software as medium, The historical analogy of the printing press, Personal dynamic medium (Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg)

It is only intended to be a broad introductory document to the interaction between these technologies and attitudes. Hopefully it will lead to further discussion

Update (15th June): I now have the presentation uploaded to my website: netbooks and schools: an evolution


Paul McMahon said...

This sounds useful and quite timely Bill. I just posted on the benefit of teachers trying to put together a list of what they want the tech to do rather than "Tech Specs". Specs for Learning
Would love to browse your slides. My email is boomer11 at gmail dot com.

roadster5555 said...

That sounds intruging Bill . Love to see a copy is the address.

I enjoy your work!


Penny said...

I would love a copy of your presentation. plindballe at

Sounds like would be useful to introduce the concepts to parents as well.

Thanasis said...

Running an OLPC workshop next week (Athens, Greece) aiming at building a community around sugar translation, new applications and so on. The goal is to furnish 30 studentswith XO1s, working with 2 teachers in a disadvantaged school north of Greece. Not all students speak Greek or English, so our hope rests on Maths ! So, yes, I would love to go through your slides. Please use thanasis dot priftis at gmail dot com

Graeme said...

s good Bill. Always enjoy reading your blog. Love to see a copy.

Paul McMahon said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for sending.

Looks like you have been reading Garr Reynolds as you have his Zen designs principles in evidence. Hope the Qatar cleaner who stole my copy from my hotel room gets as much from it as I did :)

This looks great. Wish I was around to hear it. Sadly only in the land of big blue skies for the next two weeks and S.A. is not on the list of 3 states I will be in.

Good luck with this.



Hello said...

Hello Mr Kerr can I please get a copy as well :) bolex17[at]

I currently have a EEEPC netbook.

Bill Kerr said...

hi Paul,

I had to look up Garr Reynolds. I was happy to find out that my minimalist slides are approved by an expert :-)