Saturday, October 28, 2006

africa map game

I've finished (with help) a playable prototype of an african map game with all countries and five levels of difficulty!

This was done as an "eat your own dogfood" experiment in collaboration on a wiki. It took longer than expected but, hey, there are a lot of countries in Africa, 55 to be precise! There was a lot of fiddling around to do, getting their positions and names in the right spots.

To play it you will need Game Maker 6, free download from
Please post critical feedback and suggestions for further improvement, either email to me or post to the wiki

I'll be trialling it with African students in my school, next week and asking them for further ideas. Also the SOSE faculty has expressed interest.

Still planning to go ahead and make further games about africa, so join the wiki if you want to be involved.


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