Saturday, June 20, 2009

handheld learning

Derek Robertson - Hero Innovator

Here is a report, from Scotland, on the educational use of commercial handhelds, in this case running the game Nintendogs on the Nintendo DS handheld and where the game play is based around nurturing a puppy to adulthood, entering shows, working out budget’s for feeding and health as well as a multitude of other dog related activities

(this is not my ideal approach but I won't digress here)

The reporting is fantastic because it contains a variety of video clips providing perspective from the leader, the kids, the older kid mentors, the Principal and parents.

I was particular taken by the interviews with the mentors, older kids who with some prompting reported and also did a little meta reflection on the learning and the parents, who were initially skeptical but then changed their minds. I've embedded these two videos below. On the original site they are the sixth and ninth videos from the top

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Ethics and Transparency In Politics said...

Hero Innovator is totally appropriate description of Derek!

The main Consolarium focus is on the use of commercially available games in the classroom (Nintendogs, Dr Kawashima, Guitar Hero)... but also involved in a few projects where children create the games. Look out for much more to come from the Consolarium in coming years.