Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the best opportunity to get a digital library to the world

Not everyone understands yet that the OLPC as well as everything else is also a low cost way to distribute books

Brewster Kahle: the OLPC is "the best opportunity to get a digital library to the world"

Bringing the internet archive and the XO laptop e-book reader (200 dpi, readable in sunlight) together, what a beautiful synergy

via Tom Hoffman: Kindle, XO, Blah, Blah and Doug Johnson: Can the kindle pay for itself?

From an earlier blog, Brewster's dream:
The downside, the evil, awful, how could it go wrong is cable television or DRM, where it's all locked up. You're allowed to experience it ... entertainment and being a consumer ... this is SICK, I don't want to be a consumer, I don't want to be entertained. That's happening to me. I want to be able to build on and show off to my friends ... and that requires easing up and being able to play with stuff.

I think ideas come from the commons. They're exploited successfully by Companies as Marx said ... but I'm a card carrying capitalist and I've been fairly successful. But I do know the limitations of what we can do in the private sphere.

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