Friday, April 13, 2007

OLPC: Nigeria

This Nigerian school is the first test deployment site for OLPC's XO laptops. Source

"Beyond politics, logistics and planning, seeing real children hold the laptops was a breath of fresh air"
- Khaled Hassounah

Hassounah's job makes him simultaneously a tech guru, project manager, diplomat, cultural coach and public relations contact. As a technical officer, he explains to interested countries how the initiative works, detailing the laptops' unconventional design and relating the governments' side of the bargain--like providing rural distribution and localized content
- Plugging Africa's kids into $100 laptop

Nigerian children playing with their laptops

Hassounah shows the students how to boot up their open-source laptops

The local community built this school, now well worn, from plaster, wood and tin. One hundred fifty students and three classes cram into the two-room building

OLPC installed a satellite dish, power generator, and modem to give the school electricity and Internet connectivity

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I've been enjoying following the OLPC developments through your blog!