Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the $200 developed world laptop

Quanta has announced that it will distribute a commercial version of the OLPC in developed countries that could be sold for as little as $200

There is a great article by Ron Teitelbaum in The Weekly Squeak (great blog!) about this, he makes these points about the changes that the OLPC may bring about:
  • consumer rejection of bloatware
  • increased demand for open source software
  • consumer demand for lower prices of hardware
  • that the $200 laptop could be marketed at a toy for children
The mere existence of the OLPC is changing the way we think about what is possible


Anonymous said...

That was very nice, Thank you! It's not always easy to tell if I'm doing a good job or not. Your comments are very much appreciated.

Bill Kerr said...

thanks ron,

The Weekly Squeak is a great blog for keeping up to date with developments in the Squeak / Smalltalk world, originally developed by a team led by Alan Kay