Sunday, April 22, 2007

Etoys OLPC and Vtoys

You can install and run OLPC version of Etoys on Windows fairly easily. The four step method is explained 2/3rds of the way down on the Etoys page of the OLPC wiki. I just did it then using Method 1 without any installation problems. However, there are some interesting projects in the ExampleEtoys folder, which came with the OLPC etoys image, which I can't figure out how to run.

On the bottom of the same page there is a mention and link to Vtoys, a visual programming language built with Etoys, available only in French. This article, Squeak, eToys, V-Toys: open software source of programming and creation, explains:
Visual Toys is a brick collection programmed with scripts eToys, which are assembled in a visual programming language without text and intended for the young children.
Following one of the links at the bottom of that article I found this excellent page of online Etoys created by kids and adults

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Patricio said...

This blog is very similar to me.
Etoys is a great educational tool.