Tuesday, September 26, 2006

publishing before the event

I've published my acec cairns presentation (Teaching Programming using game making, blogs and wikis) on my learningEvolves wiki. This includes the full text, lots of links to additional material, powerpoint slides and some podcasts

Cory Doctorow found that publishing his complete books on line increased their sales. In the age of the interactive web I think this is the way to go, to tightly couple the real world with the so called virtual world.

See you in Cairns, or alternatively, you can read, hear and watch me without even going to Cairns.

This is a scheduled 30 minute presentation / talk, Tuesday October 3rd, 3:05 - 3:35pm (30 minutes). Not much time. So I have worked out a format of painting some broad brush strokes about the ideas behind the course design, the course dynamics as it unfolded, how it all went and what I have learnt from it. I have provided a lot of links further material and detailed background information so that anyone who is interested can take up the issues raised in their own time and preferred manner. So, hopefully this represents one useful approach to how to teach programming

first idea: "... programming is one of the best computer games ..."
second idea: "... we use language to author ourselves, assisted by many co-authors as we grow up"
third idea: "eat your own dogfood"
Full details at the wiki

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Unknown said...

Bill gives links to his student's wiki's. Its interesting to see how Bill has merged english literacy and programming literacy in the one project. Both are literacies in the true sense of the word, systems of symbols with meaning.

Highly recommended