Thursday, September 28, 2006

hear the voice?

I've substantially improved the power point slides for my cairns presentation (teaching programming using game maker, blogs and wikis) following helpful feedback received from staff at school after a rehearsal at school today

The main thing is that I've added many more screenshots of student work to give it more life and a feel for what the students actually did. In the earlier version there was too much of "my thought" and not enough "student voice". It's funny but I went through a similar process of improving my presentation in preparing for my Melbourne talk last year (Something is making me do it). I guess that some old dogs take a while to learn tricks.

Let the students speak, from the grassroots. The audience / participants hear that voice as real, engaging, interesting. Is this a lesson that every generation learns, forgets and then relearns?

Unique visitors to the learningEvoves wiki have gone from 12 to 35 in the past 2 or 3 days and visits from 8 different countries (!) Tony Forster has been adding a lot of material to the wiki over the past few days.

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