Monday, April 12, 2021

CPX bike helmet prototype

I followed the procedure (helmet) authored by Rob Morrill on the adafruit site. Rob’s personal web site is here. He has great ideas there.

Here are a few notes about the materials since it saves a lot of time if you get them right at the start.

I had to find a piece of cardboard as long as the circumference of my head (56 cm).

I like duct tape because it really does stick and also used it to repair the cardboard which was damaged in a couple of places.

The battery holder I used (AAA) had an on/off switch and a belt clip. The belt clip made it easy to attach the battery to the cardboard

I kept the “right” and “left” variable declaration and “on start” code the same as Rob’s but altered the tilt right and tilt left functions since they required tilting the head at an extreme angle before they kicked in. My altered code is:
This means that as soon as the head stops tilting the indicator lights change back to solid pale blue.

I’m looking forward to some of my students making this helmet prototype. The reaction when I have shown them has been extremely positive. I receive lots of requests from students who want to wear the helmet.

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