Monday, April 21, 2008

educational leadership

Greg Whitby offers some educational leadership in Discernment vs digital by asking some big questions which would provide the basis for a worthwhile discussion forum:
  1. What is today’s world like?
  2. How do young people learn in today’s world?
  3. How do you make schooling relevant?
  4. How do you supports good learning?
  5. What are today’s pedagogies?
  6. What tools are needed to support todays pedagogies?
By contrast, after searching, I can't see anything of real educational significance coming out of the 2020 summit.

Moreover this article (Criticism for Rudd school plan) suggests that the wheels are already falling off the Gillard / Rudd so called "digital education revolution" with a leaked letter from dissatisfied school Principals:
It appears that the Government has failed to address a number of issues such as: funding for the ongoing maintenance and eventual upgrading of the computers; the provision of adequate and safe power points, security and associated infrastructure in traditional classrooms that have not been designed to house this extra equipment; the need to modify building requirements; provision of software and site licences; professional development for teachers; and curriculum support needed for the minimal ICT skill standards that have yet to be articulated.
Not very surprising. The underlying issue is that we have a government that came to office promising an "education revolution" but has yet to articulate what that might mean.

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