Monday, March 17, 2008

scratch challenges (introductory)

This might be useful for those starting out with Scratch. A series of challenges that I have prepared for my students. Let us know if you have some good introductory scratch challenges on themes I have missed.


1) Make 2 different balls move around on the stage
a) the first ball moves in straight lines but bounces randomly whenever it hits the edge
b) the second moves randomly, changing direction all the time

2) One sprite chases another sprite around the stage. The first sprite moves in straight line but bounces off the edge randomly. The chasing sprite chases the first sprite but is moving slower.

3) A plant shoot slowly grows towards the sunlight

4) Make a simple musical composition

5) Point, click and move
a) Make a pointing object point towards the mouse position, as you move the mouse
Hint: Motion > point towards
b) Make an object both point and move towards the mouse position when you click on the stage
Hint: Sensing > mouse down?

6) Make a sprite gradually grow in size and then shrink
Hint: make a size variable

7) Count down on a timer. A rocket takes off when you reach zero
Hint: Make a variable for the counter

8) Variable coloured squares
a) Write a script that can draw a square of any size
Hint: Make a variable for the side length
b) Use the variable square script to draw a series of square with variable sides, with a single click
c) Now add variable pen colour and pen shade to the variable square script and use it to draw a variety of different coloured squares, with a single click
d) Now do the same with another shape, you choose which shape

9) Gravity
a) Simulate gravity, the object must accelerate downwards
Hint: create a variable which increases after releasing the object
b) … with bounce and sound when you hit the floor (the sound varies with the speed of hit)
c) …and with dropping when you “let go” with the mouse

10) Add, multiply or subtract two variable numbers
Hint: Just to do addition only you will need at 4 variables: firstNum, secondNum, answer (computer calculated)and myAnswer (human calculated)

11) With a wide variety of costumes (supply) and a few patterns you can produce beautiful effects eg. sparkles

12) Make a moon orbit around a planet, or, a planet orbit around the sun

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