Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the law of probability in my "year of the hospital"

I'm going back to hospital on Friday (19th October) for a TURP, a "trimming" of my enlarged prostate gland. This is what I initially wanted 6 months ago.

When I visited recently I discovered that I was famous. Papers have been written and seminars delivered about my prostate biopsy bleeding episode last April. Also the Urology Department is changing their procedures so that in future prostate biopsies will be done in house, partly as a result of what happened to me.

Not everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame for something they intended. LOL.

My health in my "year of the health" remains good. They checked me for prostate cancer and despite nearly killing me in the process found that I didn't have prostate cancer but thought I had kidney cancer. But after taking out a kidney it was found I didn't have kidney cancer either. I've been lucky compared to many others.

I understand the law of probability but am hoping that the odds will go more my way this time around

I have the greatest respect for doctors and what they do in public hospitals, based on my personal experience.

(If only we could use technology in Schools the way it ought to be used - Science and Medicine by contrast have figured it out)

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Ron Teitelbaum said...

I wish you the best of health, and the ability to use your good health in ways that make a difference and make you proud.

Thank you for your posts!

Ron Teitelbaum