Thursday, May 10, 2007

return to hospital

I thought I was making a good recovery from a mysterious massive bleed following a prostate biopsy

However, a few days later, due to sore ribs when I lay down to sleep I checked myself back into hospital, last Sunday morning.

I have been in hospital since then receiving more tests, analysis and treatment

The doctors are now saying that I have a couple of small blood clots in my lungs (pulmonary embolism) and a mass on my left kidney which looks like a cancer.

My blood has been thinned (currently using subcutaneous self injecting clexane) to control the clotting and I’m due for a nephrectomy (kidney removal) in 6 weeks time

Many thanks to visitors, those who phoned and the expertise of QEH staff

With luck I should be able to resume a normal life after that. I’m feeling strong.


Wara said...

All the best with this Bill. The cancer word is scary.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I'm sorry to hear this news.
I'll look forward to learning more about how you are doing, and any thoughts or observations about the experience that you might care to discuss. Take care. Good to hear you're feeling strong.

Unknown said...

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Bill.

All the best with the operation and such.

I've looked at most people's work in the class, and were all progressing. Everyone should have their work ready to submit by tommrow.

Once again, all the best. Hope you can come back to the classroom soon. :)

Jason Plunkett said...

Best Wishes Bill, hope the ride gets a little less bumpy.
Make sure to put yourself and family first.
Look forward to your usual thought provoking blogs soon.

Sylvia said...

take care and get better. the world needs changing and somebody has to do it!

Anonymous said...

Bill check out Denis Darzacq's portfolio of 16 "perilous shots, that potrays the turbulences and the life in precarious balance." I'm sending all the positive thoughts I can about learning the Discipline of the bounce.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill
I was reading your blog about Scratch and saw your health section. Look after yourself - and it is great to see your positive mental approach to the problems. Stay well - and keep blogging.

Jim Edson

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear those news i have a friend who lost her mother to cancer but the bright side of this is that because of the fact that she fought it and even had surgery she got to spen some more years with her family
time she she would have survived if she had done nothing about it
so keep the fight and make the best of your life like we always should do