Friday, May 25, 2007

CEGSA Conference, July 2007

I've put forward two presentations and one workshop for the Computers in Education, South Australia Conference (CEGSA), 19-20 July, 2007. Not yet approved.

Course Title: Alan Kay's educational vision (presentation)

Description: Alan Kay, winner of the 2004 Turing award, invented the GUI and the first object orientated programming language, Smalltalk. His educational vision, developed over 30 years, has not received as much attention but is just as interesting. This presentation will describe that vision.

Course Title: One Laptop Per Child (presentation)

Description: The One Laptop Per Child project plans to release millions of cheap laptops to developing countries over the next few years. This presentation will discuss the hardware, software and educational goals of the OLPC Project.

Course Title: Etoys / Squeak (workshop)

Software and Version: Squeak 3.9

Audience: Years 3-12

Description: Etoys / Squeak is a powerful drag and drop programming language which has been included on the one laptop per child project. This session will demonstrate how to program in Etoys.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to signing for one or more of these sessions, Bill. You will certainly be offering stuff that will benefit others and broaden their educational technology perspective. Think I'll follow your lead and post my offerings as well on my blog even tho' still not approved.

plakboek said...

Love to hear how your conference presentations went :-)