Sunday, August 29, 2010

climate change essential reading

I asked Roger Pielke jnr which papers he would recommend to explain why he recommends a low carbon tax to fund R&D into energy alternative and not taxation from general revenue for this purpose. On the carbon tax issue he recommends:

An Analysis of a Technology-led Climate Policy as a Response to Climate Change by Isabel Galiana and Christopher Green (pdf, 68 pp)

For a general outline of the approach taken by Pielke jnr and his associates he recommends:
The Hartwell Paper, pdf 42 pp

He also has a book in the pipeline, The Climate Fix. The first 50 pages, with only a couple of pages missing, are available at the amazon look inside feature and provide a pretty clear picture of where his argument is heading.

If the policies advocated here had been taken up by Rudd or Turnbull then perhaps they would not have ended up in the political meat grinder. They also differ significantly from the current policies of The Greens (anti development), the Coalition (our current technology is sufficient to do the job) and Gillard's ridiculous citizens assembly (we lack conviction so pass the buck).

If only some of our politicians would grow a brain, the solution is there waiting to be found.

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