Sunday, May 05, 2019

Writing through Fences

The true knowledge of Australian political realities does not lie within the phoney puppet show of the try hards Morrison and Shorten but is contained in the writings of the oppressed who from other countries attempted the journey to "free" Australia and for their troubles and suffering were then incarcerated by our government.

Behrouz dedicated his amazing book, No Friend but the Mountains to Janet Galbraith, "who is a bird". This is explained on page xvii. Behrouz sometimes uses a pen name and they discussed birds. The Pacific Heron is a bird that flies between Manus Prison and Australia.

Looking further we discover that Janet co-ordinates Writing Through Fences which supports the writing of incarcerated or previously detained refugees:
Writing Through Fences aims to create a safe place in which writers and artists can explore their ideas, creativity, experiences and identities within, before and despite immigration detention. We aim to open a place to re-member, a place to launch our work from, and to push aside walls that would attempt to contain and destroy us and our work. We believe that creation is necessary to ward off the killing effects of destruction.

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