Monday, February 28, 2011

xo deployment in australia

View One Laptop Per Child Australia in a larger map

Ear-marked or has expressed interest for deployment
Scheduled for deployment
Partial deployment
Full deployment - one laptop per child

One laptop per child australia has done a good job of deploying to remote aboriginal communities. This is best viewed at Google Maps but even in this version if you click on map icons you can obtain more detail of the deployments.

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Kev said...

Hi Bill,
I'm surprised too to see how far the deployments have extended. I would have liked to have been involved with OLPC longer. Maybe during school holidays? As it turns out, I'm teaching at a high school in Cooma NSW, and there are a lot of things I find surprising (and disappointing, to be honest) about the use of computers there. The NSW educ dept's laptops are very MS-centric, bloated with unnecessary software, and shackled by excessive restrictions (eg. unable to install Firefox or Chrome, must use IE). It makes me see the XOs/Sugar with a whole lot more appreciation.