Saturday, June 26, 2010

australian democracy

Australian Labour Party faction speak about Rudd (anonymous):
"This crypto fascist never bothered to build a base in the Party and now that his only faction, Newspoll, has gone, so has he."
So, the great moral issue of our age is not climate change but the need to retain political power, not only government power but also factional power inside the Labour Party.

There is little difference between ex PM Rudd and new PM Gillard. The main reason for the change is that the factional bosses of the Labour Party seized their chance to remove Rudd who had refused to play their game by ignoring them whilst relying on his direct electoral popularity (which faded once he renounced his climate change scheme). Ironically, Gillard has little time for the factions either but when presented with the opportunity to become PM she couldn't resist.

Labor's shadow men stuck knife into Rudd
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