Sunday, September 20, 2009

the internet of things

Cerf: The Internet of things is on its way. The clear evidence of that, of course, is mobile to begin with, appliances that are now Internet-enabled, picture frames, refrigerators and things like that, office appliances, appliances at home. The smart grid is going to accelerate that process because more and more appliances will be part of the smart grid and its ensemble. They will be reporting their use. They will be accepting control saying, "Hey, don't run the air conditioner for the next 15 minutes, I'm in the middle of a peak load." We'll see many, many more devices on the Net than there are people [and] more sensor networks on the system, as well
- 'Father of Internet' Reviews His Work


sparkered said...

Thought this would be of interest to you.

Taking the thinking out of life

"It will keep a running total of your purchases and, as you leave the store, automatically debit them via your phone or PDA. No checkouts, no queues. Nirvana.

RFID will open myriad opportunities, some simple, some controversial. We already tag our pets; some day will someone suggest we tag our children so we can trace them and make sure they are safe? This debate will continue well into the future. "

Nirvana (hell) for some.

Carl Gundel said...

Sounds to me like we'll have to be careful who exits the store right behind, riding on the coattails of our RFID chips and stealing from our accounts.