Monday, August 24, 2009

the vision is more important than the mouse

During the boom at the dawn of the 21st century, bits and pieces of his framework emerged in interesting and unintended ways. Blogs, wikis, hypermedia, and networked communities of practice using dynamic knowledge repositories, such as the Center for Disease Control website, the Human Genome project, and Wikipedia proliferated. But the haphazard, market-driven diffusion of technology lacks Engelbart's foundational philosophical framework for augmenting human intellect for solving complex problems. These writings by Engelbart and his colleagues place his well-known technology achievements in the context of his grand vision for a paradigm shift in our thinking. We believe that Engelbart s philosophy is at least as significant as his inventions
The Engelbart Hypothesis: dialogs with Douglas Engelbart by Valerie Landau (Author) and Eileen Clegg (Author, Illustrator)

Much of this book also seems to be available online at the engelbartbookdialogues blog

Very smart people like Doug Engelbart ("a man who has always had ideas before words caught up to him") need popularisers

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