Thursday, May 21, 2009


Inkscape is a very good Open Source vector graphics editor

I've been using it with my year 10s recently. I wanted to give them a solid rationale for learning inkscape so here is what I said:
  • Inkscape is a free, open source SVG graphics editor
  • Scalable - ability to scale without pixelation
  • Small file size compared with bitmaps
  • Cool animations are possible (although not with inkscape, )
  • potential for use on mobile phones
A huge bonus for teachers is that the resources are excellent as well. I learnt inkscape myself through the tutorials that go with it: Help > Tutorials.

For my more advanced students I've downloaded some videos from the screencasters site going back to the start of the archive there

Here are some screenshots of student work after just a few days of using the program:
Last year I did some SVG using XML. I'll probably do some more of this again later this year so as to be able to demonstrate the animations with SMIL, Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language

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