Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mary Laycock

Some maths resources by Mary Laycock, recommended by alan kay
"mathematicians turned great math teachers (such as Mary Laycocke) who have spent decades learning how to get young children to learn "real math" "
The hands on manipulatives and other resources look great:

Books by Mary Laycock with intriguing titles such as Skateboard Practice, Tapestry of Mathematics, Straw Polyhedra, Correlation of Activity-Centred Science and Mathematics

I wish some of these old books could be digitised and put into the public domain, they might get a new lease of life that way.

I looked up one of them, Skateboard Practice, in google books search and found other books that refer to them, they are obviously great resources
cites another book that uses Skateboard Practice as a resource
cites some of the activities from this book and how this teacher used them

It would be good if young(er) educational software developers took some time out to check out these works by an old master

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