Saturday, September 13, 2008

Squeakland site upgrade

This site has been upgraded and it is a quantum leap better than the old site (frustration). I'll be able to use it as a very useful resource in teaching etoys to my students, one of the xo activities.

I left this critical feedback on the squeakland list (archive):
  • the introductory images give a primary school feel but there is a section indicating it is appropriate for older ages: (first visual impressions can be very important)
  • also should there be something indicating a connection down the track between etoys and text based smalltalk - that there is a high ceiling as well as low entry (as well as high ceiling older age activities, eg. kedama based)
  • hard to do well but I'd like to see a page comparing etoys with other visual programming languages - or at least initially just indicating that they do exist, that etoys is part of an evolving genre and that that evolution is ongoing, not yet decided (scratch, star logo, game maker, turtle art, guido van robot etc.) - advocacy should be central but also combined with critical evaluation to some extent


D A Kinane said...

Bill, I have just issued a challenge to the blogshpere about a collaborative Gamemaker project that I want to set up with yr5 and yr6 students. As part of the post I have linked to your resources, just thought that you might like to know. You can see the post at:


Anonymous said...

Hi all I liked this Squeakland site upgrade.