Friday, January 18, 2008

post mind

Who needs a mind, when you have google?

Tara Brabazon interview:
if we have a single problem of our contemporary age I think it is probably confusion between popularity and importance ...

students reference a great deal less (than in the past)

students are not able to tell the difference between a scholarly article and Time magazine
book review: The University of Google: Education in a (post) information age
The push to managerialism means that many more men in shiny polyester suits – arbitrarily given ‘vanity’ titles like Professor on the basis of position not scholarship – pace around university campuses. Not surprisingly, words like diversity and flexibility weave through their footsteps. Transferable skills, strategic plans, cross-sector synergies and generic competencies bounce along for the ride. By living (in the) Post – postmodern, postindustrial, postcolonial and postfordist – new, critical and reflexive spaces are created to build a postinformation society, one that can take the first unsteady steps to knowledge and wisdom
thanks, Daniel Livingstone

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