Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ramon Leon: On Smalltalk

Another great Smalltalk blog. Here are some of the things I found there:

Smalltalk in Action
This provides a link to a video which demonstrates the power of late binding:
... some of the features of the refactoring browser on a running instance of the classic Asteroids game. He extracts a method to a component, changes the color of the asteroids, then shows off undo and redo. He does so while the game is running without ever having to break his flow with something as silly as a compile, debug, run cycle that we’ve all grown so accustomed to in most other languages.
Building a blog using Seaside
This links to a screencast of Ramon building a blog in seaside in 15 minutes. Seaside is a web development program which is written in Smalltalk

My Journey to Linux
The transition from being a Windows guy to a Linux guy. Shit happens.

Why Smalltalk
"I’m still amazed by how many people think they can grok Smalltalk by seeing syntax examples. Smalltalk isn’t its syntax, it’s its environment. Smalltalk is a living world of running objects, there are no files, no applications, just what’s running. To understand Smalltalk, you have to either actually use it for a while, or have a seasoned Smalltalker demonstrate it to you. Reading sample code just won’t cut it."

Ramon's top posts are here

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