Wednesday, July 11, 2007

kidney tumour removed

I've been away for 12 days, in hospital having my kidney tumour (and left kidney) removed.

The first 3 days were to restore my blood to normal, since I was on blood thinners for an earlier pulmonary embolism (blood clots in pulmonary artery). This require a heparin drip, since heparin blood thinning is reversible within a few hours.

I had my operation on Tuesday 3rd July. I was unconscious from 8:30am to 3pm. The surgeons told me that it was a very successful laproscopic (keyhole) procedure. Nevertheless, you do wake up at the end of it in a lot of pain and feeling very groggy from the anaesthetic.

However, I made a rapid recovery and was transferred out of high dependency to the North2 Ward within 24 hours of the operation. By Thursday all the drip and wound lines had been removed and I was walking independently again

There were some minor complications (mysterious heart pain for a couple of days) but new tests indicated there was nothing wrong and the pain eventually disappeared.

The kidney biopsy showed that the tumour was non malignant!! A Renal Oncocytoma!! This, of course is good news, I don't have cancer. Also fortunately, I was prepared for this possibility psychologically (kidney tumours are a catch 22 situation) and further research shows that it seems to be best for this tumour to be removed anyway.

I still need more time to achieve a full recovery but certainly my prognosis is excellent.

Many thanks to those who have supported me through this time


Wara said...

Excellent Bill. Hope to catch up at CEGSA

Sylvia said...

wonderful! so glad to see you virtually up an about - be well

Unknown said...

"Bonjour mon Capitaine!"

I'm very pleased all went well! :-)

Relax a little and recharge the batteries before engaging the warp engine. :-)


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Durff said...

So glad you are still with us!

Unknown said...

Good news, Bill. Rest up and enjoy your summer hols!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!

Anonymous said...

great news,
good news to come home to!