Friday, June 08, 2007

Joel Stanley

In February this year I heard Joel Stanley, a Computer Systems Engineering student, expertly present on the One Laptop Per Child Project at the South Australian Linux Society

Subsequently, I invited Joel to present to our Game Making cluster in Melbourne and he did a great job there too

Now Joel is off to MIT to work on the recharging units for the OLPC batteries

Here are some inspirational words from his blog:
I look forward to not only the technical challenges that this experience will provide, but also the Humanity aspects - a good friend once told me she almost chose to study medicine over engineering, because she wanted to help people who were disadvantaged around the world. However, she decided that through her Civil Engineering degree, she could “build bridges” for those who needed help. I would have never thought that my degree could enable me to do similar things; this is one of the fascinating aspects of the OLPC project
Joel needs to raise some more money for his trip. Have a read of his blog and please consider a donation to this very worthy cause.

Contact Joel directly at joel.stan (at) gmail (dot) com

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