Sunday, March 11, 2007

school reform idea

That all parents in Australia (for instance) who are dissatisfied with the current education system create a virtual on line school for the (partial) education of their children - the other requirements could be met by home schooling or part time schooling at a physical campus

I don't see why such an idea could not be implemented - a sufficient number of parents might already exist to create such a school

Under the Howard government it has become easier to create Private schools than previously

It might be easier initially to set it up on a State by State basis since States control education in Australia


Durff said...

We are doing this now in the USA. It easier, I think, because of private schools, parochial schools, & homeschools. We are starting an online academy this fall, although many of us already teach online. It will just be the entire course, not just an extension of it. We still struggle with "seat-time" in our schools, however.

Bill Kerr said...

hi durff,

Thanks. I would be interested to hear more details about this

I also posted this to the TALO forum and there is a good comment there too