Wednesday, January 10, 2007

truth seeking environments

We can't know absolute truth but we can help to build truth seeking environments.

To obtain a better understanding of learning theory we need to seriously study learning theory and be prepared to argue rationally about it with others. The method would involve study of the important knowledge domains related to learning theory:
  • philosophy
  • cognitive science
  • neuroscience
  • artificial intelligence
  • history of learning theory
I would identify the characteristics of a truth seeking environment discussion as:
  • rational argument,
  • providing evidence for assertions
  • listening to the arguments of others (eg. able to summarise what they are saying),
  • displaying awareness of the history of the ideas being argued about,
  • rich descriptive knowledge which aids the development of practical learning interventions which can be evaluated
At a time of rapid social and technological change which is undermining traditonal School it's important to develop truth seeking environments

Many educational forums do not attempt to meet these standards

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Bill Kerr said...

Bill Bruck has written a dialogue manifesto (32 points) , which is "a series of beliefs I have about the importance of dialog, some of its key characteristics, and their implications for collaborative technologies"