Sunday, August 27, 2006

sex on a glacier

artichoke has the ability to pen hilarious metaphor.

Ever heard an education minister talk in grandiose terms about:
"the potential of e-learning to transform ..."
"exploiting technologies effectively ..."
"connecting schools and communities ..."
"supporting evidence based decision making ..."
"developing a prosperous and confident knowledge society ..."
"development of new skills and knowledge ..."
"a culture of continuous enquiry, innovation and improvement, risk taking and entrepreneurship
"radical vision ..."
"leadership ..."
I love artichokes ability to take the mickey out of these wank words, as follows:

I agree with Steve, this a radical vision, so radical a revelation that it borders on hallucination - it reminds me of Grandpa’s claims of escaping the secure facility for moments of reckless adventure with one of the dementia center nursing staff on the Franz Joseph glacier. [I am always thankful that grandpa’s loosely attached dentures mean that the detail of his dementia glacial narrative escapes the ear jacking surveillance of center staff].

The “Enabling the 21st Century Learner” quote reminds me of grandpa’s incredulous tales because both claims make me feel the same paradoxical sense of malignant innocence and promiscuous sensuality. I know intellectually that both qualify as madness and shameless self/ it industry promotion, but I cannot help being enticed into thinking that both sex on a glacier and e learning developing a culture of continuous enquiry, innovation and improvement, risk taking, and entrepreneurship would be uncomfortable but remarkable experiences.

For the rest of my life, whenever I hear noble,high flying rhetoric from someone who has long left the classroom it will make me think of: sex on a glacier.

Not impossible, but ...


Anonymous said...

Ahh Bill, grandpa would be dead chuffed with this post, if he could be persuaded to come down from the glacier.

Jack-Sparrow said...

I'm talking about ELBOWS not EYEBROWS!