Saturday, July 08, 2006

learning theory evolves

If you look at dates on the articles on my website you'll work out that I did some fairly intense investigation into learning theory and computers in the 1990s (Papert 91, ISDP 94, Quadratics 96, Immersion 97, Behaviourism 98)

After all that I thought I had enough of learning theory and in the pre-blog era there wasn't an effective way to spread it to a wider audience.

For much of the 2000s I have been so busy learning new software packages and learning to teach in the senior school that I just didn't have time. When SACSA came along with its phoney claim to be constructivist - constructivism enters the mainstream, (hmmmph) - I was surprised at first, but soon went back to sleep, like everyone else did.

But everything changes. Learning theory has evolved and its time for me to do some fresh study of what is new.

Here's my very rough outline (page titles) for a learning theory wiki I plan to setup very soon.
  • constructionism (Papert)
  • behaviourism (Dennett enhances Skinner)
  • cognitivism (? innate)
  • connectivism (Siemens: learning resides in networks)
  • philosophy (Dennett, dialectical materialist outlook)
  • pedagogical patterns, learning patterns
  • design (learning is self design)
  • programming
  • AI research (Brooks, Minsky)
Certainly, there is some new material for me to think about in there (eg. Siemens, Brooks). The task I am setting myself is not easy. There is some hard work involved here. I'm not actually certain that I can do it.

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