Sunday, June 25, 2006

the wiki advantage

My Year 11 class this term are using wikis for their documentation.

I have written a mid term report on my wiki about the advantages of using wikis for students to record their problem solving, progress, screen shots and making game downloads available.

To summarise the advantages:
  • students are more likely to keep game documentation up to date (with some nagging required from teacher)
  • student games can be posted to wiki for easy download (far more convenient than other methods)
  • students are learning to work in teams, the wiki facilitates this, they each learn to document their contribution - patchy but it is working, some of the wikis are now starting to reflect real teamwork
  • wiki features (Recent Changes and history of each page) makes it easy for teacher to keep track of week by week progress and to observe which students improve their work by editing
  • as well as game making student are learning a useful modern Read / Write native web application

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