Monday, July 12, 2021

Turtle Art web browser version

I've written about the beauty of Turtle Art in the past. I learnt recently, via Gary Stager's blog (here), that a web browser version has now been released. It's a beta.

As a refresher, I made square which rotates around a vertex and changes colour:

They have a new feature where you can save as a SVG, creating a workflow for digital fabrication tools. I found this to be buggy still. When I tried to save Hairline it slowed down my browser and then froze the page. Later, I found this comment in the Help:
"The TurtleArt Converter is an experimental feature. We update the version regularly" (p.13)
To upload a previously completed project you drag and drop the PNG file onto the workspace. I had to read the Help to figure that out.

Samples provides a useful learning sequence, which starts like this. The developers (Brian Silverman and Paula Bonta) know how to teach.
Exemplar # 1 uses forward, right, repeat and clean to draw a 10 pointed star
Exemplar # 2 shows how a slight variation in the first exemplar produces a different pattern
Exemplar # 3 shows us how to modularise the code by naming stacks. This made me think I should redo my example above so that the main procedure calls a square procedure:
Help is useful, very clear, well written with timely graphics. Here are some things I learnt from Help:
  • p.3 click and hold a block to see what it does
  • p.5 describes a cool way of adding an input (box1, box2 or box3). Drop it on a named hat. Then alter the relevant numbers to the desired input (eg. box1). Then use the hat control block (automatically generated when you name a hat) to specify the inputs you want. I used this method to make circles which vary in radius
As already mentioned the Web Turtle Art Converter is still buggy in my Firefox browser.

However, I didn't know anything about drawing machines so I looked up axidraw which was mentioned in the Help (p.11). This provides another new way to bring maths to life! The AxiDraw v3, USD$475 is their most popular model. More details here.

Gary also provided a link to an Exploratorium article which describes the workflow from Turtle Art to the Vinyl cutter. More maths for the 21st C here!

The search for all the articles I have written about Turtle Art: here

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