Sunday, April 26, 2009

rudd's broadband: could be good

Internode's Simon Hackett identifies the real broadband priorities in this order:
  1. coverage
  2. price
  3. competition
  4. innovation
  5. speed
ie. speed as the last of five not the first

He recommends building the new fibre to the home network "outside in" fixing the blackspots first and installing where ADSL2+ is already present later

He also recommends retaining the existing copper in parallel to the new system so people have the option to retain the slower ADSL2+ if they want

There is a pdf and video on this page explaining his plan in more detail

At the start there are maps of Sydney and Adelaide showing many blackspots with unacceptably slow speeds

The fibre will be completely independent of Telstra's copper network. It's fair because every carrier will have equal access to the new network.

Of course it’s possible the government will find a way to get it wrong but if they stick with the Hackett plan then I’m in favour

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