Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sugar evaluation wiki

I have created a wiki,, where some of the year 10 students at my school are evaluating Sugar activities. I'm interested in feedback: billkerr (at) gmail (dot) com, if you don't want to leave a comment here.

I'm using it to record my own exploration of the activities. At the moment we are looking at Turtle Art and Dr Geo II. Learning a lot and it's interesting. I'm very happy that I've finally worked out a way to play with the Sugar activities in a collaborative context.

Working with Sugar provides a great context for new learning. Many of us have been trapped against our wishes in MS Windows dominated school environments for years. Given that teachers are always very busy there has been little incentive to learn linux, for example, when it is not used in your work environment. I remember I tried years ago but gave up due to workload pressure. Two of my year 10 students know more linux terminal commands than I do so I'm now under pressure to keep up with them. It's great!

One of my year 10 students has built a jabber server, which we can use locally to enable the collaborative features of Sugar.

Due to a bug in the software the collaboration features have not been working so far (without the jabber server) on our particular network, although it is reported to "just work" on Ubuntu networks. With Joel's help this has been reported to the IAEP list and hopefully will be fixed in the near future

Sugar labs is the main home of sugar and seems to be powering along at the moment.

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