Friday, May 23, 2008

Dewey might say this

What might Dewey say about education2.0?

I wanted to say something about this blog a few months ago but it was hard to quote from because it was so good I wanted to quote the whole thing. I went back and read it again and had exactly the same feeling - so go and read the whole thing!

Disclaimer: I haven't read any Dewey original (blush)


Doug Noon said...

Experience and Education is a great book. Read it. I did - twice - last week.

(The e-version may not be as complete or as enjoyable as the original, but it's a place to start.)

Anonymous said...

I agree, that was a good post. I particularly liked point #9: What are the implicit lessons of the new approach?

A thought that occurred to me is educators should be asking is the Web/Education 2.0 experience really just an optimization of the former experience, along Koestler's "pink plane", or is it a "blue plane" (transformational) experience? If it's along the "pink plane" it is innovation, but it means you're going to basically get "more of the same" of what you got before. I am referring to a metaphor Arthur Koestler used in his book "The Act of Creation".