Tuesday, December 20, 2011

alyawarre scratch file

I used Scratch to make a tiny multimedia dictionary (voice, pictures, words) for the Australian indigenous Alyawarre or Alyawarra language. It's available here. Three girls from wiltja provided the words and their voices. Alyawarre tribe is near Tennant Creek.
The words are:
  • kungar = blue tongue lizard 
  • numa = snake 
  • loget = goanna 
I always remember the insightful words of Noel Pearson:
"Keep our diverse languages and cultural traditions by excelling in education and digital technologies, the only means of arresting the decline of our ancient and oral traditions"

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Kev said...

Hi Bill,
I'm in Japan at the moment, but I'm due back in Cooma (NSW) to teach Japanese in February.
What would you think of a remix of your Scratch program so that it includes three languages?
English - Alyawarre - Japanese
blue tongue - kungar - aojita tokage
snake - luma - hebi
goanna - loget - ootokage

Kevin Kirton