Wednesday, September 08, 2010

chess win

I won the City of Adelaide chess competition. Details here, including links to the games. In the game I lost to Bob Cowley I had a dead won position but forgot to press my clock and lost on time! On the other hand I was lucky against Fedja Zulfic and Edgar Mdinaradze, who missed winning chances in games which fluctuated.

I could write this up from the perspective of learning a particular and competitive skill, if anyone is interested in that side of it. It might be useful from these points of view:
  • those wishing to improve their chess
  • the role of chess computer programs such as Fritz or Rybka and online chess websites, which is the new thing I had to come to terms with
  • the spin off of improved learning in one domain to improved learning in another domain
Apart from that winning is good for self confidence, but sadly in competitive games like chess one person winning means the other person doesn't. But there is learning involved here too, the learning which comes from losing - and I am no stranger to that!

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