Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Labour: no guts no glory

Q&A: Monday 26th July (video 55 min, expires in 13 days)

Includes Malcom Turnbull (who lost his Deputy Leader position through supporting Rudd's emissions trading scheme), Christine Milne (Deputy Leader of the Greens), Penny Wong (Climate Change Minister)

This is well worth watching to see how Julia Gillard's reworking of the climate change policy is playing out. Penny Wong was very much on the defensive in attempting to justify Labour's backsliding on an issue where the public does want some action. Contrast this with Penny Wong's personal gutsy stand on the gay and asian issue in the same program, which received strong support.

After watching this I felt it possible that Labour might lose this election owing to their perceived inability to take a tough stand on any issue. This might trump the calculations of the Labour Union back deal manipulators who gambled on the women's vote. Time will tell.

Some very brief observations:
  • The Greens falsely claim that renewables can do the job
  • Malcom Turnbull is incorrect to suggest that China is going green (at the end)
  • None of the parties support nuclear energy, which is the best direction to head in as an alternative
  • There is general ignorance about the real state of the science, which I believe is best depicted by Pielke snr

Roger Pielke jnr keeps a close eye on Australian climate policy (and everywhere else for that matter). For his analysis of the Gillard policy, see: julia gillard lays out her approach, particularly his comment that:
When will politicians learn that climate policies are a political loser if they require that people "transform the way we live and the way we work"?
I left a comment on his blog, #11.

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