Sunday, July 05, 2009

Liping Ma

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics (1999) by Liping Ma

This book has made a deep impression on me

It demonstrates in many different ways that Chinese Elementary teachers have a more profound understanding of maths fundamentals that their American counterparts

When I talk to people about this they are surprised (as I was) and normally express the view that Chinese teachers teach by rote and that Chinese students do better in maths competitions because they have a better work ethic (but not better understanding)

Well, if you believe this then all I can say is read this book and I'm confident you will change your mind

She also has the solution to the maths wars, the so called dichotomy between transmission and inquiry based teaching methods. That is usually surface appearance. The degree of meaningful understanding that occurs in the classroom depends mainly on the depth of the teachers conceptual understanding

Please read this book, she is brilliant.

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Doug Noon said...

I agree, this book is eye-opening.

sylvia martinez said...

I just put this in my Amazon cart - sounds really interesting. Thanks for the recommendation!

Bill Kerr said...

thanks sylvia,

it makes me happy that I have influenced a couple of wise people to buy this book - tom hoffman mentioned that he had bought it as well - and doug's endorsement helps as well