Thursday, July 16, 2009

aboriginal people can look after their own land, take a hike wilderness society and queensland labour

Pearson to the Wilderness Society:
"And our point is that, well mate, the deal was 50/50 here. Now you want a 99 per cent takeover of Aboriginal land. And the problem with what you want is that, basically, you're condemning us to a perpetual life of welfare. And though the welfare cheque comes in recycled paper green, it's still a welfare cheque. And it's no good for our people"
Watch this video: Pearson discusses wild rivers laws

Noel Pearson in full flight is a magnificent and joyous something to behold. He has the personal history, detailed nitty gritty knowledge, incredible analytical powers and the rhetoric of a great orator all rolled into one. Good interview by Leigh Sales, too, who is not afraid to interrupt and ask a tough question.

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