Wednesday, December 03, 2008

OLPC: give one, get one, australia

Last time around this was only available in the USA and Canada, from memory

This time you can give one get one in a whole host of countries (44+ in this article) and this now includes Australia, through the OLPC-australia organisation

Contact information

Give 1, Get 1 explained
"Purchase two XO laptops. Give one to a needy child in remote Australia or the Pacific. The other is yours to give to a child in your life"

Purchase form

With the fall in the Australian dollar the cost would be something like AUD$700 ($468.95USD), according to this OLPCnews article

update 7th December:
They are charging $399 for a laptop, with the profits going towards OLPC-AU projects

update 8th December:
Wayan Vota has corrected the above information, the total cost for one is $468.95

I did an order simulation on the olpc-au site and the extra charges are:
GST $20
Shipping and Handling $40
Transaction Fee $10

I also notice that it is not a Give one, Get one scheme because if you order two the price just doubles to a whopping $927.90

OLPC-australia people (Geoffrey Anson, Dr. Barry Vercoe, Dr. Vadim Gerasimov, Rangan Srikhanta)

OLPC-australia history


Mark Miller said...

Yep. They've restarted it here in the U.S., too. You can buy an XO with the "give one, get one" program, now through Apparently it's been offered through Amazon since August. I wonder if they'll keep it going past the Christmas shopping season this time.

plakboek said...

Ouch, that is a lot of money. The fall in the Australian dollar seems to have made a big difference to the price.

Bill Kerr said...

This update added to the article: They are charging $399 for a laptop, with the profits going towards OLPC-AU projects

plakboek said...

How much do they cost if you just buy them off the shelf?