Sunday, November 30, 2008

SVG course outline

I've written an outline for a course in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Some of the points from the rationale:
  • students like working with images
  • animations are fairly easy to achieve (SMIL or Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language is part of SVG)
  • it offers a path into some core web techniques and standards: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVG
  • It's mathematical - both simple co-ordinate systems and more complex maths such as bezier curves. I like the fact that art can be done with maths
  • good free software is available, eg. inkscape
  • the small size (low bandwidth) and scalability of SVG graphics means they have a big future, eg. in the mobile phone industry
I've recently discovered some very interesting essays and SVG examples at this dev.opera page (view these pages using Opera browser)

How to do photoshop-like effects in SVG
Using animateMotion in SVG - develop a solar system animation
Playing SVG Darts
Animating your SVG - nice example of how to make an SVG clock

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