Sunday, November 16, 2008

chrome comic

The google chrome comic (38 pp) is pretty interesting, from various perspectives, mainly adapting the browser to the new world of web applications, moving on from a static web page paradigm
  • improved browser stability through multiple processes
  • faster through better memory control
  • more sophisticated use of JavaScript (virtual machine, better garbage collection)
  • better security from malware and phishing using sandboxing
  • clean, efficient UI (streamlined search features)
  • open source
The comic explores these issues in considerable detail

In a matter of days I've gone from using one browser (Firefox) to four (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari)

Firefox - best for Add-ons
Chrome - best promotion
Opera - best for SVG and probably CSS
Safari - best for The Lively Kernel


plakboek said...

Firefox 3.1 is jumping ahead with speed etc .. still in beta and not due for stable release. I think they have taken up some of the ideas built into Chrome. I am also curious if it handles SVG any better than 3.0 now that you have made aware of the issue.

plakboek said...
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